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Dr Suhail Hussain is a seasoned GP with more than 14 years’ experience in primary care. He attained his medical degree from the Granite City (Aberdeen) in 2000 but felt it was too cold to stay up in the Grampian region of Scotland so came back down south to undertake his post graduate training. He has worked in specialities as varied as medicine, surgery, oncology, obstetrics and gynaecology, emergency medicine, psychiatry and paediatrics, before becoming a GP. He became a GP in 2006 and worked for 4 years as a partner in a surgery in Watford before deciding to spread his wings and diversify his career. He now practices as a portfolio GP, which allows him to make the most use of his manifold talents. He continues to work as an NHS Locum in areas as diverse as rural Hertfordshire to affluent Westminster. However, he now also undertakes medico legal work, is a GP appraiser and a senior tutor at three major London Medical Schools – UCL, Imperial and Bart’s – where students at all stages of their medical education benefit from his expertise in clinical and communication skills. As a keen educationalist, himself, he also keeps up to date through regular courses and diplomas the latest being a diploma in diabetes care (University of Leicester) in which he attained an overall merit. As if all of this were not enough he is somewhat of a media celebrity. He has recently been presenting a weekly medical health phone in show for an independent cable TV channel, which has proved to be extremely popular with the general public. Furthermore, currently he is appearing on several radio and TV shows for a Public Health England campaign promoting health and well-being in the Winter months He ardently believes that clinical care should be holistic and patient centred, as evidenced by feedback he has received from individuals he has looked after "Dr Suhail Hussain was very caring, he has a fantastic bedside manner and I really felt like he was listening to me and understanding where I was coming from. Hope to see him for a long time to come." "You have a very efficient, speedy and helpful practice. At times of stress it is comforting to have the support of such a team. Dr Hussain was excellent." Dr Hussain is married and has a 3 gorgeous children. He loves walks in the beautiful English countryside and listening to classical music.

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