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I am an experienced Consultant in Emergency Medicine in NHS (18 years as consultant) with special interests in telehealth, international emergency medicine, emergency planning, and medical education. My extensive experience across many specialties allows me to provide appropriate advice for a wide range of scenarios - specifically to determine those cases that need urgent GP or emergency department assessment. I have a global and multi-cultural outlook on life as my childhood was spent growing up in different parts of the world, my undergraduate degree in Canada, my medical degree in Ghana, and my postgraduate training in UK. I believe in a holistic approach to the practice of medicine and rely on cooperation and collaboration with my patients to ensure best treatment and management plan for their complaints. My other interests include sports (basketball, football, and others), music (saxophone, flute, and others), and a specific interest in people and the range of occupations, hobbies that people engage in. My aim is to provide the highest quality information and advice given, and to ensure the best possible client experience with every online consultation.

Start: Dec. 1, 2020, 11 a.m.

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